In 2012, I made a goal...

That goal = make a living producing video content while traveling the world... 

I want you to know that if you are reading this and have some kind of aspiration or goal... you can do it. You really can.

The question is how dedicated and focused are you?

If you truly want to grow your skills as a creative (or whatever it is you do) it requires discipline.

As a self-taught videographer/editor here are a few rules/beliefs I live by...

I hope they help you think about how to crush your own goals...

Be aggressively humble.

After publishing a video I always think about ways I could improve it... and then apply that knowledge to the next project. Remaining humble about your work enables you to continue looking for ways grow your ability. You won’t become stagnant.

Be disciplined.

Do work when you don’t feel like it. There are plenty of times I didn’t want to films or edit... but I did it anyway knowing that it will help me grow my abilities and train the creative muscle. If you are a creative do you consider yourself a “disciplined creative?”

Done, not perfect.

Perfection prevents anything from getting done. I post things all the time even if it’s not “perfect.” A lot of the videos I share on Instagram are an example of this.

There’s someone out there working harder than you.

Stay hungry and don’t be complacent because it’ll stunt your growth. Just writing this belief lights a fire under my ass... and it’s true. No matter what you do, someone is trying to be better than you. That thought alone should force you to think of ways to continuously get ahead. I like to think of it as healthy stress and it forces me to constantly push myself.

Learn from others, but don’t lose sight of who you are.

I get my inspiration from other creatives, but also make sure not to lose sight of myself in the process. Theres a difference between copying someone’s work and getting inspired by someone’s work

Operate with the big picture in mind.

Everything serves a purpose... My big goal I’m working towards is owning a digital media agency that has editors, filmmakers and writers. We serve purpose-driven companies and produce work quickly and high-quality. We also have an internal culture that fosters growth and where everyone clearly understands their role. We encourage ideas and support each other as team. We work with clients that we consider friends and are producing content the world needs.

That said, I know that everything I’m doing now from filming interviews, interacting with executives, and spending crazy hours in the editing room all serve a purpose to help me accomplish that big picture goal. I also know that I need to continue to work on my mentality / habits to own my media agency that will soon manifest itself.

Have people hold you accountable.

After writing down your goals, you need to share them with a group of people who will keep you in line.

I attribute my growth to the accountability groups that I’m a part of. I’m currently in 3 and check in with them every single week.

What’s one rule or belief that you like to live by???

Keep grindin' and growin'... Love y'all,

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