Video Tutorial: Slow Motion Lip Sync

A couple years ago I saw this effect in a music video where the artist looked like he was saying his lyrics in slow motion. 

It seemed subtle, but then I got to thinking... "Wait!! How are they doing this?! How is the cinematographer recording the artist in slowmotion and lining up the audio in realtime?! It didn't make sense... I really wanted to figure it out. Finally I did...

I connected with my extremely talented friend,Frederick Alexander and asked if he had a song he wanted to make a music video for where we could use this Slomotion Lip Syncing Effect. He did. We made one.

Here's how you do it...

  • FIRST, make sure the song you choose is a slower paced song where the words aren't too close together. You'll understand later.
  • SECOND, use editing software to double the speed of the original song. Export that song and play that with you on set!
  • THIRD, while recording make sure you have two things dialed in... FILM your artist singing the lyrics to the sped up version of the original song... SET your frame rate is at least double the normal frame rate you will be editing in... typically this means setting it to 50fps or 60fps.
  • FOURTH, import the clip you recorded to your editing software... slow down that clip to 50%... import the mastered audio file... sync both clips... and BOOM. You're done.

Keep grinding, growing, and creating fam!

Much love,