Build your own website in 30 minutes

If you don't have a website you're basically telling the world you aren't serious about what you do...

When I first started, there were countless times I'd tell someone about my video work and they'd say, "That's awesome! Do you have a site I can check out?"

Having a website is important, because it's there when you can't be. 

You can point people there at any time...

As important as it is to explain your services in person, I'd argue it's equally important to have a professional website that builds trust with prospective clients.

Okay, now that we've established the importance of having a site... what do you put in it?

I'd first take a step back and take the time to think about who your ideal client is... what kind of work do you want to do and who do you want to do it for?

Next, you gotta ask yourself, how do you want your services/website to be perceived by that ideal client?

Does your messaging, design, and content position you for success with any prospective client that visits your website?

Take the time to think about this... it'll save you a ton of time. I didn't do this in the beginning, and because of that I spent countless hours constantly changing and fixing my site.

Here are the two websites I've currently created for my personal freelance work (Crocker Video) and the other business I own (Rezi Media).

What web pages should you have?

Some of the basic pages you'd want to include are:

  • Home

    • Add a tagline about what you do and how you help your clients win
    • Add some brief text about the services you offer
    • Have any testimonials? Add 1-2 on there.
    • Add some call-to-action buttons
  • About
    • People connect with other people. Share how you got started and why you're pursuing your passion. 
  • Services
    • List your services and add a couple sentences explaining the benefits
    • Add a couple testimonials around those services if you have them
  • Portfolio
    • Show some examples of your work. If you're a photographer add you best images, if you're a videographer add some of you work, you know what to do here
  • Contact
    • Make it easy for people to connect with you. Add a form that collects their name, phone, or email so you can follow up with them!
    • If your website does a good job of instilling trust, then anyone who has a problem or is looking for your services will connect with you!


As a bonus, I decided to go through Squarespace and quickly go through the process of creating a website from scratch.

It's a run down of creating a clear one-page website and goes through how to add content, different sections, add contact forms and more. 

Okay, time for you to dive in.

Get after it. This should get you rolling.

Remember, if you hit a hurdle or have a question, checkout google first then shoot me a message (

I applaud you for taking action on this and making your passions / hobbies a profitable business.

Keep grindin' and growin'

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