From paralyzed, to walking across the graduation stage...

In 2011 I picked up a video camera for the first time. Little did I know that it would turn into an addiction. I loved the process of creating visuals from start to finish. At the time I was horrible and nowhere near the quality/skillset I now have 7 years later… things take time...

During that time in college, my buddy Chris Norton, fractured his vertebrae playing football and was paralyzed from the neck down. I didn’t know him well when the injury happened... everyone at school was talking about it. 

Long story short, I started collaborating with Chris to help tell his story. The man is a workhorse and I am incredible inspired by who he is and what he stands for. 

He set a goal only a couple years after his injury when moving his big toe was considered huge progress… to walk across the stage. 

5 years after his injury… here’s what happened.

He flew me out to capture the moment… it was then that I realized the power of story… the power of persistence… the power of inspiration… the power of creating content that impacts an audience across the world.

Chris went viral… and rightfully so… his story spread like wildfire across the country. 

Major news networks contacted him to be on their show to talk about his amazing feat and share his story.

While I can sit here in this coffee shop in Half Moon Bay and say that without the video I produced none of this would be possible… that’s really not true at all…

It ALL stems from Chris’ motivation, mindset and persistence. I didn’t do anything. I simply showed up with a camera ready to capture what was a culmination of hours and hours of hard work.

Chris now motivates people across the country and founded a non-profit that raises money for spinal cord injury patients. He also has a movie coming out and is an author of a best selling book... what a resume right!

I’m fired up just writing about this and incredible grateful I have a small part in his journey.

While I was still early in my skills as a videographer/editor these experiences pushed me to become better, learn more, and create more…

Chris’ story impacts thousands of people and definitely propelled me into why I do what I do today.