Working With NBA Center, Mason Plumlee

The Project

The overall project objective was producing a high quality interview between Mason Plumlee and Alex McIntosh, Founder of Thrive Care, for Mason's interview series titled, Founder Fridays.

See what we made here.

We created one 3-4 minute interview/episode and 2 short social media videos promoting the project.

I got introduced to Mason's team by professional basketball trainer, James Clark. I did work with James in the past and he was gracious enough to connect me with his team.

They were looking for someone in the San Francisco Bay Area film and edit together a full episode of Mason's Founder Friday's series. Mason's Founder Friday's are a series of interviews with inspirational founders and entrepreneurs who have transformed big ideas into action. 

In this episode. Mason interviews Thrive Care Founder, Alex McIntosh. Alex shares how he started Thrive, his background in social entrepreneurship, and tips for aspiring entrepreneurs. His business is very success and unique because it has multiple layers of impact. Thrive's product ingredients positively benefit the environment... The farmers in Costa Rica benefit financially through direct association with a global marketplace... Their employees are driven by the impact their product has on their supply chain and customers... And, the product produces results and is loved by the market! Thrive has so many benefits to it that they've attracted the attention of major US consumer brands.

I really enjoyed producing this work with Mason. He's a humble guy who is using his platform as an NBA Player to cultivate entrepreneurship activity amongst his peers and I applaud what he does. Be sure to follow him on instagram here.


I have three main takeaways from this project are:

1. Surround Yourself With Positive, Talented People
2. Use Your Platform For Good
3. Execute On Your Dreams

Surround Yourself With Positive, Talented People.... Alex shares in the interview that one of the biggest reasons why Thrive is "Thriving" (Get it...) is because of the people he has around him.

Use Your Platform For Good... Many professional athletes and influencers have large followings, Mason is one of the rare ones that promotes content like this that inspire people to take action and execute on their vision.

Execute On Your Dreams... Alex shares that his company was born out his experience in prior experiences. We should all look at our experiences as lessons and take time to self-analyze. Every little lesson can give you insight into what your next step should be. Use those lessons to execute on your goals.

What takeaways do you have from any of your recent projects?

Keep gindin' and growin'
- Michael