130,000+ Facebook views in 30 days

The objective…

Create content to generate awareness for the Basketball Academy on Influencer. Cross promotion.

How we did it…

I knew that Coach D Mo and Max Bonnstetter were both naturals on camera. Coach D Mo called me up and told me the next day that he’d be training Max and that we could film a collaboration afterwards.

The premise for the video was to have both of them teach each other their crafts. Coach D Mo is a professional basketball trainer and Max is an NBA reporter.

Here’s the longer version of the video we made…

We repurposed the video for Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. There were multiple versions created for different platforms/use. We created a 1-minute video for Facebook ads & Instagram then a longer video for YouTube.

Max and D Mo shared it on their platforms and the Basketball Academy promoted the content.

Heres a few results from the past 50 days with some ad spend.

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 10.11.49 AM.png

Key Takeaways…

As a producer / creator of this I really wanted the messages to flow naturally and authentically and if it went long I knew I could just edit and cut down the content in post. 

D Mo & Max are naturals on camera and bring high-energy making the content extremely engaging. 

It was a lot of fun creating this piece, but more fun seeing the results the content produced.