Michael crocker is a videographer, editor, & digital marketer

“As a former athlete myself, I was tired of how mainstream media produced stories about athletes. They seemed to talk more about the negative things athletes did off-the-field. I know so many athletes who are great people doing incredibly impactful things off-the-court… why doesn’t that get as much shine???”

“I do what I do today so that the truth rises to the surface. I work with professional athletes, trainers, and coaches to authentically build their brand with video, so you have success on-and-off the field.”

“If that’s something you’re interested in, let’s connect.” - Michael


Michael left his silicon valley tech-job in 2015 to help athletes and entrepreneurs reach their business goals using the power of online video. He produces results-driven video content & marketing campaigns for his clients and is intentional about working with goal-oriented people. He has worked on projects that earned clients national attention on media platforms including ABC, NBC, and CNN and produced work internationally in Peru, Thailand, Vietnam, Romania, Uganda, Holland, and Indonesia. Michael is also the founder of Rezi Media Group. They help entrepreneurs grow their businesses executing online video marketing campaigns. Raised on the California coast in Half Moon Bay, he lives in San Francisco.