• Directed By:
    Brookfield Duece &
    Tevin Tavares

  • Executive Producers: Damian Lillard & Brookfield Duece

  • Director of Photography:
    Sutton Raphael

  • Stills Photographer: Squint

  • Additional Cameras: Marcus Green
    Michael Crocker &
    Brandon Crocker

  • Editor:
    Sutton Raphael

  • Intro Score:
    Zach Striar


  • Damian Lillard is also an accomplished hip hop artist.

  • He wanted a music video for the track “Dre Grant” on his album Big D.O.L.L.A.

  • The team produced the video in Damien’s hometown of Brookfield Village in Oakland, California.

  • The team brought us in to create Behind-The-Scenes content to promote the final music video.


  • We shot & edited three social media videos (less than a minute) to promote the video along with a longer form behind the scenes video (about 3 minutes) that captured the reactions on set. It highlights people from the community, the production team and Damian Lillard. Brandon Crocker captured behind the scenes photos for the team to utilize in promotion of the video & other marketing use.



  • When you have a team that is dedicated to the end result & knows their role… everything comes together. When things may not come together as planned, regroup, adapt, and execute. We had a vision for how to put together a BTS video, but that vision had to be adapted.

  • To see Damian Lillard and Brookfield Duece engage with the community like this was something special. We are proud to have been given the opportunity to highlight them. Especially when this community is historically known for something negative. What we saw was a community coming together as a family, all positive.


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