• Niyi was a fullback in the NFL for the New Orleans Saints.

  • After retiring, he decided to build his own business… I’m Not You, LLC.

  • I reached out to him after hearing him on the Art of Charm podcast.

  • We connected, had a few meetings, and agreed to move forward to execute a content strategy.


  • Niyi was not reaching enough people to drive awareness to his business.

  • Podcasts are a perfect platform to build trust, but Niyi didn’t have any time to edit, publish, and syndicate each episode.

  • Niyi also needed to find a way to produce online video courses to move his audience from engagers to purchasers. He didn’t know how to move his audience down the customer journey.



  • Generated 3,500,000+ podcast downloads

  • Over $150,000 in revenue (from courses and coaching)

  • Most importantly: his audience is experiencing transformation and are heavily impacted by what we produced. Click the images below.


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